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Drink & Food

Single, solo, with kids or not, the urban and cultural makeup of the city offers the visitor many choices. We’ve put together a couple of suggestions to assist with experiencing Athens your way.

Family and Kids

There are many places to enjoy with the family for a memorable city visit. Of course, the many organized beaches that surround should be on your agenda especially in summer, but there is lots more do to with the family from cool cultural fun to adventure sports.


You’re in Athens with your significant other. Great. Athens is a city that inspires romance. The beach, the weather, the bars, the restaurants, not to mention the warm people… Romance, culture, shopping, fine dining, rest and relaxing can all be arranged to best suit you and your partner’s taste. A little bit of touring, a little or a lot of pampering, some fine wine tasting, perhaps a little pool luxury. Here are some fabulous ideas to maximize your couple-time in our romantic city.

People with Disabilities

Modern facilities allow everyone to enjoy travel. In Athens, it became even easier thanks to the city’s infrastructure revamp brought on by the Athens 2004 Olympics. All mass transit – buses, trolley, tram, metro and railway are handicap-equipped as are most hotels, museums and archaeological sites.

Gay & Lesbians

Athens has a vibrant Gay & Lesbian population, as Athens is a gay-friendly city. The successful Athens Pride Festival ( that takes place every year is just one of the indications, as are the many guides and listings found in the guide magazines and the popular free press Athens Voice, Lifo, FAQ and portals .

Nature Lovers

Sound nature and a sound environment is an issue of surmount importance to all. And we do not have to be coined nature lovers to appreciate the strides that are being done in this area. Despite Athens’ distinct urban landscape, it does offer nature lovers areas to explore some within the city and others not too far away.

Athens on a Budget

It seems everyone is budget conscious these days. Chic and affordable travel is an option that a city like Athens can afford its visitors. High end luxury is here too. But here are some tips on how to enjoy Athens on a budget without sacrificing pleasure.


Planning in advance is key to having a stress-free vacation. Weather and climate conditions are important elements to think about as are the transportation and tours that will make for easy travel. And while your tour operator or travel agent is sure to be an expert guide, here are some things to consider when putting together your itinerary.


If you are single and visiting Athens, then you are lucky because Athens is flowing with cafes, bars, restaurants filled with groups of friends known as parées (plural for paréa). In general, being single in Athens or traveling solo to this city has many benefits. First of all, going out and socializing is not something just for weekends. So if you are here during the week, make sure you include time for enjoying the Athens’ shopping, dining and nightlife scene every night of the week.


Athens is a great place to study and is often a destination for many study abroad programs. The reasons are simple: understanding the history, mythology, and art of ancient and modern Greece is best developed at the source. Students should immerse themselves in the museums, galleries and educational programs that bring the past to life. And because taking a breather is key to a leading balanced student life, make sure to chill out amongst peers in the artsy cafes.

Other Alternatives

If you still feel like Athens is not for you, there are many other cities you could visit in Greece. Here is a list of some of the towns you must visit in Greece.