Greek taxis are inexpensive by European standards and offer an alternative to mass transit. All licensed taxis are equipped with meters (the fare is charged per km and per hour) and display a card detailing the latest valid tariffs and surcharges.

In certain tourist areas you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination; thus, before boarding a taxi make sure to seek information from another source on the exact fare for the journey.

All taxis are yellow and equipped with a metre displaying the fare. The driver is obliged to activate the meter upon hire. From 05:00-24:00hrs Tariff 1 applies, while from 24:00-05: 00 hrs Tariff 2 comes into effect. Taxi drivers are on strike very often! The price Airport – Centre is cca 25 – 35 EUR.

Athens’ taxis are inexpensive – though you should always check the meter is set to the right tariff – but hailing one can be incredibly frustrating. To try this from the pavement, shout your destination as one passes. If a taxi is heading your way, it might stop even if there are passengers already inside. But don’t count on it. If you absolutely must be somewhere on time, a more expensive radio taxi will be safe.

Listed below is a breakdown of taxi rates (per km) in Athens:

The flat rate at the start of the meter: 1.16 €
Rate per km inside the city limits (zone 1): 0.66 €
Rate per km outside the city limits (zone 2): 1.16 €
Waiting time fee (per hour): 10.65 €
Minimum travel charge: 3.10 €
Night tariff (from 24:00 – 05:00): 1.16 €
Holiday tariff during the Christmas and Easter seasons: + 1 €
To/ from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos: 3.77 €
Outward from Athens Port and railways and bus depots: 1.05 €
Baggage over 10 KG (22 lbs) each: 0.38 €

The following rates apply to radio taxis:

Regular call for taxi pickup: 1.88 €
Taxi pickup by appointment: 3.33 € – 5.55€

The Taxi driver’s obligations are as follows:

  • Driver should carry passenger’s luggage from the pavement to the vehicle and vice versa.
  • Driver is not entitled to deny passenger a ride and cannot pick up extra passengers without your permission.
  • Passenger may request a waiting time up to 15 minutes, or more if there is a serious reason.
  • Upon passenger’s request, the driver is obliged to issue a receipt stating the route and metered fare paid.
  • For scheduled pick up service you may call any of the taxi companies serving the greater Athens area


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