Top-Rated Attractions in Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Are you looking for a perfect place for a fun-filled weekend for a group of friends, a family getaway, or a couple’s retreat? Put-in-Bay is the right place for you. Located just 20 miles from Sandusky, 80 miles from Cleveland, and roughly ten minute-drive from Catawba, this island offers a broad range of attractions and exciting things to do.

There is a lot to think about when planning your vacation in Put-in-Bay. From figuring out transportation to choosing accommodation and how to get around on the island, it can be downright stressful. But not anymore. Local platforms like Visit Put-In-Bay and travel forums provide helpful insights to help travelers figure out some of the affordable hotels and other services in Put-in-Bay. Here are some of the top-rate attraction sites in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

1. South Bass Island State Park

Located on the opposite end of the primary activity in Put-in-Bay, this park offers a more natural and tranquil respite from the common tourist commotion in the downtown village. There are campgrounds and cabins on-site. There’s also a swimming area and a boat launch in the park.

South Bass Island State Park is an amazing place to visit if you’re seeking a spectacular and unobscured view of the unforgettable Put-in-Bay sunset. There’s a well-maintained green space with great park benches where you can relax with your family or friends while viewing the waterfront.

While visiting the park, it’s recommended to hire a golf cart to move around and explore the remnants of the famous Victory Hotel. This was the most famous hotel in the 1800s and was burned to the ground in 1919.

2. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

This memorial was created to honor the brave people who fought in the famous battle of Lake Erie in 1812. It was also intended to celebrate the lasting peace among the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. The memorial raises about 352 feet over Lake Erie and is located five miles from the world’s longest undefined border.

3. The Tour Train

If you choose not to hire golf carts, the tour train gives you the chance to tour Put-in-Bay in style. Just grab your binoculars, cameras, or sketchbook to document the moments of your tour on the island. If this sounds interesting, make your way to Downtown Bus Terminal to secure tickets and seats. This will be the beginning of your fun in Put-in-Bay. Note that the train makes several stops, and you can always alight and catch the next train as you explore the island.

4. Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center

This wildlife center aims at preserving the natural wonders of South Bass Island. There are also interactive exhibitions, events, and classes that happen here regularly. By learning the importance of environmental conservation in a fun and more engaging way, you, your kids, or friends will find the fun and vacation thrill you seek.

Note Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center is usually open every day from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, and it’s a nice place for your family, kids, grandchildren, and friends. Both tourists and locals often take trips to this wildlife center, and you shouldn’t miss the thrill and opportunity to learn more about the animals and other aspects of wildlife in this region.

Some of the common activities in Lake Erie Islands Wildlife Center include children’s nature camps, nature walks, and annual festivals.

5. South Bass Island Lighthouse

The famous South Bass Island Lighthouse is the first thing you see as you approach the southern end of Put-in-Bay. It was first lit in 1897, and it is an important icon in the history of Lake Erie islands. Visiting this lighthouse offers you the chance to learn more about the history of this island.

One of the things to do while in Put-in-Bay is to tour this lighthouse. Note that the lighthouse is located at the southern end of the island, and there are fewer or no other attractions nearby. So, it’s recommended to hire a golf cart to get around in this area. This a convenient and affordable transportation option on the island.

These five top-rated attractions in Put-in-Bay are great places to go during your next vacation.